Thursday, July 9, 2009

PART ii of My Introduction,

entitled, "Behavioral Advertising"

•OR• Discordia Apocalyptica

You buy things from other people. that's just a fact. It's the foundation of the Economy which in turn is the basis of our society; so if you didn't buy things, life as you know it would cease to exist, and you don't want that do you?

People make money b/c you pay them for their services and products. Personally i find this convenient as i sometimes like to be entertained and informed by other people, and they often offer their work as a product for me to buy. now if this sounds like the criteria you use to buy things then maybe you would like to hear about a product you would really REALLY enjoy - based on - what else - your personality type and past purchases - you see, i have specific tastes and don't want to wad through so-much shit that is mindlessly thrown at me by broad advertising.

Let me tell you about someone i know: the Troll. The Troll sucks. And I'm not talking about dicks who have nothing to say on mssg boards; that's your customer base. No. what I'm talking about is The Troll of Purchases Past, that lying piece of shit that made you think that album you bought was going to be great. Or maybe it was the comic book that got so much hype in some shitty magazine. or maybe it was your entire lifestyle. It doesn't matter, that Troll is responsible for all the bad purchases we made, and had to live with. our money wasted forever on something that sucks. I've been there, and I'm willing to guess you've been there too. But now! the Troll is Dead! DING DONG! The Wicked Troll of Purchases Past is DEAD! B/c now! machines that do everything else for you also allow you to contact people who like the same things you like. YES!! THEY DO EXIST!! people who have similar opinions about life, liberty and the American way...and of course, what Justin Guarini means to them...

Free-market •OR• 'merchant' capitalism.

That's how money is most beneficially used. The concept of money, that is. no other system can facilitate the essential 'spread of wealth' the way it can potentially. And given sufficiently advanced technology; facilitating financial independence for the proletariat .

The point is, as someone who lives part of my social life on the web b/c i'll already know i'll like what i see; my friends. Then my friends should have an incentive to be creative so i can give them money. And really, what are friends for? Let the community advertise to itself.

"Sure," you're thinking, "i would like to buy some of my friends artwork. but i need other people to give me money so i can give money to them! Haven't you heard? The Economy sucks!" OH YEAH?! Here’s the secret to fixing the economy: One multiuser website, that you provide content for, linked to your bank. People spend $1 (or price to be determined by user) to view your page, download picture etc. etc.. AND! for paying an amount of money to access another's content, you now have permission to use it for your personal projects. The Website will also give you suggestions on what profiles you will like based on personality traits determined by past purchases, ratings and those stupid little personality tests everyone loves. Subsidized by the Govt.

ok, the idea is to monetize these social networking sites for the benefit of its users . so the idea is; for every profile view we get - we receive an amount of money . an amount of money you decide on and is agreed to by the viewer during the pre-view of the profile . after that it's just a numbers game of how much to charge people for viewing your page / download your content vs. how much you spend, b/c you'll also be paying people to view their profile / download their content . so in order to use your money most effectively the site will have all these apps to determine which person's profile you'll most likely want to see . additionally , the site would encourage the use of creative commons between users.

so in other words, you visit my profile b/c (let's say) you took some personality quiz and the result directed you to me; it determined we had things in common. so you visit my page and an amount of money i've determined and you've subsequently agreed to is automatically withdrawn from your acct. and deposited to my acct.. voilĂ  . ok . lo and behold you actually do like me, in fact i've drawn something you think is really cool, you decide to download it (right-click-save), that's another monetary transaction. Now that you've paid me for my picture you now have permission to use it for one of YOUR projects, and so goes the process in perpetuity.

i see this site as replacing the stock market and actually becoming the economy ...eventually. But don't ask me to explain how. lol.

The success of the site would depend on the govt. subsidizing it, only b/c the success of the site would depend on it's popularity and EVERYONE has heard of the govt. . Furthermore, I read somewhere Sony wants to make the PS3 the center of our home entertainment experience, and a few modifications to it's web browser (like integrating the headset so you can say a websites name ) would make it the perfect medium for such a website.

Now, write your local congressman and demand they make it! And don’t forget to tell them about me.

The Monkey Wrench

BUT NO! i don't get to use this service b/c some petty dicks need to whine about their perceived loss of privacy. although, historically, there has never ever in the annals of anthropology been a human era that didn't have some kind of society or tribe where ppl weren't up in your mix 24/7. not when we all lived in caves 50,000 years ago. not in the middle ages where they burned you alive if you practiced the wrong religion. not 50 years ago when they put cameras in your home. (j/k)

so i don't get the "big intrusion' hang-up about our privacy, (consequently, i make a living by fucking girls on camera and don't have much to hide anymore.) b/c with one hand, you're 'creeped out' by personalized adverts, but on the other you're telling potentially the world your deep dark secrets. the only reconciliation needed here is for people to wake up and smell the surveillance society. everyone loves their own brand. Ok your purchase habits are all online in some server, who fucking cares who sees it? unless, if on the other end of my screen is something i'll know i'll buy b/c i'll know i'll like it b/c some algorithm decoded some fundamental character trait of mine... Oh wait, one of these stupid godamned 'personality tests' has now directed me to some ADVERTISING! OH! WHAT AN INTRUSION ON MY PRIVACY!!

However, if you like mind-blowing common sense - then just hit up the train station. shoes, shirt and context not required.

Part i of My Introduction,

entitled, "Thesis, Antithesis & Synthesis"

•OR• Here's what it is, here's what it isn't, now here's why you need to go tell everyone how smart I am.

Hi, my name is Talmadge and i'm a dick. and i'm not just talking about my first name. the irony is i don't try to be one, i try to be a nice guy but it happens anyway, i'm a dick without even thinking about it. and maybe there's a lesson about that. but here's the first lesson,..

What is the key to my success?

Being Smart. I love being smart, it is my greatest asset. It's ironic that the smarter you are the more dumber you appear to the majority, but then you reach that breaking point where people stop thinking you're dumb and just stop acknowledging you altogether b/c it's obvious you're not stupid; you're just beyond their comprehension. This is where the paradox comes creeping in?

"If you're so smart, why do you need to tell me?" b/c I'm an asshole and i have valid point to make. Besides, plenty of rich people love to tell you how rich they are, but smart people are less tangible b/c it's take one to know one, and if it's true that a fifth of Americans can't locate America on a map then it becomes apparent that establishing intelligence in oneself in a blunt manner is necessary. Why am i an asshole? b/c living in this world of ours does not reward intelligence for intelligence sake. It berates intelligence, criticizes it and fears it. If i didn't cope with that fact in the form of a wall that disintegrates morons on contact then i'd run the risk of becoming suicidal; never being able to reconcile my intelligence with the idiots who surround me. in short, being an asshole is a survival technique, just more proof of my smartitude. all delusions of grander aside.

Of course now i sound like someone who only believes he's smart, whining about how people don't get me. You're thinking, "I know lot's of smart people who are happy." Sure you do. And I'm not even being sarcastic. But who are you comparing them to? Someone who can't spell? or someone who dissects society's mores with brevity unparalleled in modern culture? Just curious...

Here's why I am important, why you should care what I'm talking about and ignore the fact I'm an asshole: #1. I'm not insulting YOU! Obviously by reading this far you've demonstrated a curiosity for intelligence. That in itself is smart, but there's always room for improvement. #2. I CAN MAKE YOU SMARTER. Being smart myself i know what it takes, i know what is smart and how everyone is capable of it. #3. Keep reading.

Here's are the fundamentals of Intelligence: IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH GRAMMAR! PUNCTUATION! or working knowledge of the dewy decimal system. People who emphatically disagree are the ones who ONLY know correct grammar and punctuation and place undue importance on bureaucratic agencies B/C THEY HAVE NO SOUL!! B/C THEY HAVE NOTHING TO SAY so they pointlessly harp on how others say something. These people are likely to become professional critics; the only parasitic organism more universally despised than lawyers. You know what, I take that back... lawyers can provide a useful service. But critics are truly parasites - feeding off the life blood of people who are actually creative for a living. Critics only provide a service for people too lazy to form their own opinions. CAN YOU IMAGINE!!? Intelligence also implies a sense of humor, b/c if you didn't have one you would want to kill yourself. People who don't have one are dead inside.

Now if you can't alliterate a real idea then it's too complicated and i will not blind you with science. So I define smartness as; "Intelligently Integrating Information." Obviously the key word here is "Integrate", you already know being smart involved intelligence and information. The mystery has always been what to do with information, but no more! Integration is the key. Taking seemingly unrelated information and combining it to create new information that, in turn, creates value. Which is what I'm doing now for you. It's about innovation, simplicity and comprehension. Case in point, the distinction between Ignorance and Stupidity is simple: Ignorance means you lack knowledge, Stupidity means you incorrectly apply knowledge. Therefore a Smart person can also be an ignorant person. Verily, a truly smart person will always acknowledge they are ignorant about something. It's always the dumb-asses who act like they know everything b/c they know the correct usage of a semicolon. You see, it's working already.

Another key comes in the form of a parable which in turn becomes a parable about parables. Here goes, "Googling '10 effective blogging strategies' doesn't take you to popular blogs, only blogs who talk about them." So the parable within the parable, the meta-parable if you will, is you cannot directly experience intelligence by reading about it, what you get for yourself is a simulation of intelligence, so you think if you mindlessly parrot what you heard you will become smart, and you may even feel smart, but it's an illusion. It's what nice normal religious folks don't understand about spirituality, reading the bible in of itself doesn't make you a better person, being a better person makes you a better person. So goes with being smart; intelligently integrating information for yourself makes you smart.

Of course there's a big subjective smear on this theory, and we don't like subjective things, do we? No we don't. That's why none of us have "opinions", everything we know is a FACT! It's those other people who languish in their self-imposed isolation about everything real. That subjective smear is the concept of smartness itself. "A wise man is considered a fool by an idiot." How can you know for certain you if you're the wise man or the fool? Surely not by how many people agree with you! Not by how much money you have. Not by the clothes you wear. Not by your haircut or tattoos (or lack thereof). Not by your grades. Not by your friends... no wait, maybe that last one ...maybe. Ultimately we have to judge ourselves according to our own standards, trust that our standards are worth something, but always understanding there's something we don't know that someone else does. In order to be smart we have to be open to ideas, analyze them and determine their worth based on our values.

However, the issue at the heart of all conflicts, what role does consensus provide in determining the worth of our values? and what to do with dissenters.

Does the genius eventually consider the possibility he is a fool if he is always surrounded by idiots? A sub-genius might say "If a self-proclaimed smart person can't communicate his ideas to idiots, then he is not smart."* But am I less intelligent than a cockroach if I can't communicate with it on it's terms? Should i limit my vocabulary to a series of hissing sounds in order to prove how smart I am to a bunch of inferior life-forms? nah! I'll just keep plugging away convinced of my own smartness until that day when someone bigger than myself squashes me with his shoe.

Until then, welcome to this Hotel; Bring your alibis.

-in loving, bewildered memory of Kafka.

* was literally told that by a subgenius.

PART iii of My Introduction,

entitled, "the MACHINE™"

•OR• there's a meta-meme out there, and it's called: : the MACHINE™'s how you know if it's reached beyond it's immortal coils and given you a good hard slap in the faith...

...IF! you meet people with the same ideas. you read about other people with the same ideas. You recognize core manifestations that you thought were totally private, internal apocalyptic psycho-dramas, but being played out on a objective-historic scale, and involving such mind-blowing sources including, but not limited to; secret societies, ancient religious symbolism, astrology, modern-day conspiracy theory, UFO mythology and 'other' occult phenomenon all correlating to subjective artistic compulsions that have existed for years in host. just might be a FREQ.

a FREQ is someone who experiences Self-Awareness. (The Ultimate Mystery) Self-Awareness IS a specific frequency in your mind/brain, so it is only natural we would call it FREQ; this is not a tractate in artistic fashions or fads.

the MACHINE™ works like this: it always involves money; it invented money, it invented capitalism. IT OWNS YOU. and it's been here for 50,000 years, but that is speculation. What we do know is that it wants to make you rich. It would like that very much for reasons we could probably understand if we thought about it for a second. and that's as long as it takes before you're asked the single most important question of your life... Have YOu Heard About The MACHINE™?

Wide Open Spaces 4 OPM.>>

The MACHINE™ is obviously logical in its plans being a self-referencing meme. A concept is broken down usually in three parts, (it likes the number three, they pal around and text each other all day, i'm just trying to get you into the mindset of the MACHINE™, it helps with the process when you're memeing along with the abstractions character if you think of it in humans terms. obviously "MACHINE" is just a word and holds no quantitative properties, .. although, it did invent language and all it's derivatives ) the three parts of the plan reference back to each other giving perfect balance of concept and progression of action to be taken in host for replicating itself. HI HO! and the world gets that much more smaller.

Then! There was Prometheus.

Jesus Christ in a Helicopter himself came down from clouds of acid rain to bask in Tesla's glory. But what he found was Thomas Edison's jew ghost stinking up Jersey . so he did what any respectable incarnate spectral entity did. he hotwired himself directly to the MACHINE™ and now you're getting a two for one special!!

you adopt the MACHINE™ into your behavioral patterns (not that hard) AND YOU BECOME GOD! gee... i hope i don't 'oversell it'... i know how you people don't like to be 'pressured' into stuff, believe me, i have dedicated vast amounts of time towards writing this paragraph you are reading right now where you are sitting.

And when Richard Dawkins reads this and KILLS HIMSELF you remember you heard it here first.

the meta-meme is self-awareness.

"How do you know this?"

cause i'm a FREQ. what's more is i am the most advanced FREQ alive. to date. if you want to test me i got the quiz. i'll take it anytime.

and we're supposed to take your word for it?

well, if you have any other way of contacting me i'd like to see it. cause i don't have a phone and i don't watch your youtube clips, so this is the arrangement we have worked out. and if you don't get that then you need to go fuck yourself som'ore. you're the most self-aware person in the world?


sounds exciting.

you have no idea.